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Regulation and Risk Management

Within the framework of the corporate governance structure, there are many legal regulations to be implemented within the scope of investments, steps to be made and contracts to be made and commitments to be made by the holding companies, private law institutions, joint-stock and limited liability companies and active legal entities within the group affiliates.

We provide our clients with fully-equipped services for the proper and safe management and direction of legal, project finance, operational and regulatory risks with our Regulation and Compliance Department. In this context as Kılınç Law & Consulting;

  • Within the regular legislation and regulation services we offer; we prepare daily and monthly legislation bulletins together with the direct and indirect impact analysis of regulations to the investments and activities of our clients through the daily follow up of Official Gazette, Agenda of Grand National Assembly of Türkiye and other regulations and legal.
  • Within the scope of services aimed at presenting opinions to public institutions in the legislative changes we provide; legal consultancy services are provided on preparing official correspondence for opinion and suggestion regarding the changes  of the legislation or the request for a change in legislation directed towards especially Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, the Competition Authority, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and to all relevant public authorities, (“Public Authorities”), follow up of statements and actions of the Public Authorities that might have a direct or indirect impact and reporting the draft regulations the projects and investments of our clients, providing opinions on the draft regulations and managing negotiation processes on behalf of our clients and  we form solid foundations ensuring that our business partners adapt to changing regulatory provisions and are prepared for associated risks.