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May 3, 2021

Our Assessments Regarding Increasing Electronic Products Sales On E-Commerce Platforms

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As it is known, the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic changed the shopping habits of consumers and caused the e-commerce sector to reorganize. With the emphasis on working at home and living in isolation, there has been a great increase in the sales of electronic home appliances product groups, especially personal care, and decoration. Especially in cases where electronic product sales are in question; since customers cannot touch the product and physically control the product as in a store, they sometimes have a trust problem against that electronic product. For instance, while general information about the product (size, product material, color, etc.) is sufficient for textile products, more detailed information is needed in electronic products.

Especially considering that the wide range of electronic products and their sales will bring an intense competition process, visualizing electronic products to be sold in e-commerce and increasing the sense of trust in consumers has become a very popular sales strategy in terms of competition conditions. For example, as in the previous year, many e-commerce platforms have produced video content about the product in addition to the information added under the product in the promotion of the products.

In addition, with three-dimensional visualization and configuration technology; consumers get more information about the products to be sold through e-commerce channels, and this paves the way for online reviews of the product. In the researches, it has been clearly stated that e-commerce stores that offer their products in three dimensions have increased their average order rates compared to other online stores that do not offer this feature. Both the video contents of electronic products and the configuration methods of those products, consumers who shop online will interact more easily with the products and thus the trust of the consumers in the brand will be established.

In addition to the above mentioned, regarding increasing the sales of electronic products through e-commerce channels, another strategy is; consumer comments. Namely; so; especially trendyol, hepiburada, etc. which are multi-channel marketplaces that offer companies of different sizes the opportunity to sell their goods and services provide statistical information about the product and the comments of the consumers who buy that product for each product sold. Although there are consumer comments about electronic products sold in many online marketplaces today, it is seen that most of the single-channel e-commerce sites that sell their products under the name of a single brand and website do not include customer comments.

Of course, the main reason why most single-channel e-commerce sites do not include consumer comments on their websites is the idea that negative comments from consumers may affect the sales of that product and therefore the company’s revenues. However, most of the potential consumers who will shop from multi-channel marketplaces are directly affected by the comments made about the product they will buy.

As such, the application of the advantages offered by single-channel e-commerce sites in accordance with the needs of the ecosystem on their own internet sites will provide an environment of trust in the eyes of consumers.


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